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I have more then 20 subscriptions ( telefonnumbers, due to work) at 1 provider. Each subscription stand on his own, so I have for each subsription a separate login.  So when I go to the login page of my provider, Password Depot shows me a list with the logins.

I have to choose within 10 seconds the correct login, or have to unmark the counter.  My question is: Is there a posibillity to unmark or give longer time to choose login from list ?  Or unmark the counter?

Thx in advance






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  • Or turn this countdown off forever?

  • Hello Jan,

    We have a corresponding option for this:  Open program Options -> Browsers -> Close the Select Password dialog box automatically in: you can deactivate automatic closing or increase delay time up to 60 seconds.
  • Super !!!   this was what i am looking for. Thxs !  

    Also for the quick response!


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