After being unfaithful for a while I'm using PWD again, beginning to value what Acebit has accomplished with our help, even if we haven't always been uncomplaining.

Although I've been using PWD for a decade or soI've only started using categories,and I have suggestions to improve their usability.

  • Being able to assign categories to multiple selected entries within the main window would be very nice!
  • In the properties window it would be helpful if PWD would use a category just as it has been saved in the list of categories. Example: I added a category named "E-Mail". Entering an "e" into the category field of the password properties will show "e-Mail" in the categories columnof the main window. Obviously PWD recognizes that "e-Mail" and "E-Mail" as identical entries, as it doesn't create a new category with a different notation. But only when I re-open the poperties window, "e-Mail" will automatically be changed to "E-Mail". Would be great if PWD would adopt the existing categoryright away.


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  • It is very pleasant that we were able to win you back as a customer!

    Many thanks also for your suggestions for improvement. They make sense and would actually further improve the application.


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