The autofill feature via the browser add-ons does not work.


First, please make sure that you have installed the (current) add-ons! You can install these at any time later via these URLs:

Add-ons for FirefoxChrome and Microsoft Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer, reinstall Password Depot to install the IE add-on. Furthermore it is recommended to install Password Depot in the latest version again "over" your existing installation (no data will be lost).

If the problem persists, check whether the auto-complete feature does not work on any website in general, is faulty, or whether only specific pages are affected by the problem.

The most common reason why the add-on does not work is that you have not specified a URL for an entry. Without a URL, the add-on will not work:


Accordingly, you will find a number of instructions below that you can follow:


1. Auto fill does not work on ANY page

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Password Depot. If you are using an older version, you should upgrade to the current version.  
  • Did you uninstall a previous version while the current version was already installed? In this case, the add-ons were probably also uninstalled.
  • Use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer (32 bit and 64 bit), Chrome (32 bit and 64 bit) or Firefox (32 bit and 64 bit)? In other browsers, such as Safari, auto-complete via add-ons currently does not work.
  • Is Password Depot's add-on activated in your browser? You can check this in your browser under "Add-ons".
  • Is Password Depot currently running (not locked)? The add-ons only work when the program is running and your database is open.
  • Is Password Depot installed locally on the computer? The automatic completion via the browser add-ons does not work if you run the program from a USB stick.
  • The function for filling in web forms through the add-ons in Password Depot must be activated. This function can be found under Options > Browser > Fill web forms with add-ons.
  • Is there a modal dialog box open in Password Depot (for example, the Options dialog box)? If such a dialog box is open, it blocks the application and the add-on cannot run.
  • The URLs of all entries must be in canonical form, i.e. they must begin with http:// or https:// (e.g. "") instead of e.g. only "".
  • For the password entries, store not only their standard URLs, but also URL masks ("Change entry" > "URLs"). For example, do not only store the standard URL, but also the URL masks * or *meinserver*.
  • Close Password Depot and rename the configuration file pwdepot.cfg (e.g. 123pwdepot.cfg). You will find this file in the settings directory, which you can reach most easily by clicking on Help > Settings directory in the menu. Then restart the program and check whether this has led to the correction of the problem. If yes, please send us the renamed file.
  • When using the Enterprise Server: Did the administrator enable web site completion using the add-ons in the policies?

2. Auto fill generally works, but not on ONE/MORE website(s)

HINT: Not all web forms can be filled out automatically using the add-ons. This may be because the form is programmed incorrectly or the automatic filling is intentionally suppressed by certain methods such as Javascript code.

TIP: The feature "Auto-complete" (lightning icon, F6) does always work and can be used alternatively.

You could still check the following:

  • Can the website be found among the ignored websites?  You can check this under DB Properties (CTRL + i) > General > Ignored Web Sites. If the corresponding page is listed as ignored, remove it from the list.
  • Is the password filled in automatically via the browser add-ons? You can control this by selecting the entry in Password Depot, clicking Change and then opening the Advanced tab. Check that the option Use entry with browser add-ons is enabled. 
  • Change the filling method: To do this, select the password entry in Password Depot, click Change and go to the Advanced tab. Change the filling method here and confirm the entry with OK. Test all existing methods.
  • Does the URL stored for the password entry contain a session ID? Session IDs are identification numbers assigned to Internet users. Select the password entry in Password Depot, click Change, open the URLs tab and check the entry in the Default URL field. The URL should not contain a session ID.
  • Enter your access data manually and check whether Password Depot opens and suggests the creation of a new password entry. If this is not the case, there is a problem with the website in question. However, if Password Depot appears, you can create a new entry and delete the old one.

If this does not help, please email us the URL to [email protected] so that we can review it and, if necessary, enhance the add-on accordingly.

3. Auto fill works incorrectly or incompletely

Should such problems occur, it may be related to changes on the relevant website. To do this, open the relevant entry in Password Depot (right click and then "Properties") and go to Advanced in the dialog box. There you will find the function "Update web form data". Open it and fill in the access data once to the correct place using Draq & Drop. Then save the new data. Now the automatic login should work again the next time you call it.

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