How do I automatically fill out the Deutsche Bank log-in with the lightning symbol?


The log-in of the Deutsche Bank has 4 fields which have to be filled in.

In general, you can create additional fields as "User-defined fields" via the tab of the same name (when changing the password).

If you create the data as user-defined fields, you can drag and drop or left-click on the field and then right-click in the log-in field.

To fill in the log-in automatically via the flash symbol, you would have to proceed as follows:

Create the password as follows:

  • Description: Deutsche Bank (as an example)
  • Username: 3-digit branch number
  • Password: 7-digit account number
  • URL:

On the "User-defined fields" tab, create two additional fields by clicking Add:

  • "Subaccount" with value 2-digit subaccount number
  • "PIN" with value 5-digit PIN

Then go to the "Advanced" tab and click on "Add" under "Fill sequence".
Create the filling sequence as follows:


Then click Advanced and add <DELETE> twice.

Then click Custom and add <Subaccount> and then <PIN>.

The overall sequence is then as follows


To save the password, proceed as follows.

Open the website in your browser. Password Depot puts you into top bar mode. Then click the flash icon to auto-complete. Wait until a small window for filling in the car appears at the top right and then click in the first field "Branch number". The log-in is filled in automatically.

HINT: If the fields are filled out too quickly and therefore not correctly, go to the program options of Password Depot (F10) and set the value for "Delay" slightly higher on the "Actions" tab, e.g. to 400 ms.

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