How can I allow the use of passwords but not display them in plain text?


In Password Depot Enterprise Server, you can set individual entries or folders so that users can use them without being able to see the passwords themselves.

So you can hide the passwords from the users. However, the user in question cannot use a "conventional" browser, since it would be very easy even for laypersons to see the passwords with add-ons in plain text.

If you do not want to make the passwords visible, only the integrated browser can be used in the so-called "protected mode", which is however restricted. Add-ons and Javascript are deactivated before the login process to make it impossible to read passwords. Afterwards Add-ons and Javascript will be activated again.

In addition, the Remote Desktop and Putty Connection types can be used for this function.

The user can only use the hidden password via the "Protected Mode" function, which then calls the integrated browser.

To hide a password, go to the Server Manager, then to the properties of the relevant databases. Now click on the "Security" tab and select the relevant user/group. Then click on "Permissions for entries and folders". Under "Database content" select the relevant entry and deactivate for it

  • Read entries
  • Modify entries 
  • Delete entries

Only "Access to entries" must be activated.


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