How can I reset the administrator password in Password Depot Server?


When you add new databases to Password Depot Enterprise Server, they are re-encrypted with the administrator's password - regardless of the database's original master password.

Thus, a "reset" of the admin password in the conventional sense is not possible at all! 

Although you can reset the administrator's password to log in to the Server Manager again as described below, this will require to add all databases manually again.

Please proceed as follows in order to reset the administrator password:

  • Stop Password Depot Enterprise Server or the server service.
  • Delete the file pwd_srv.cfg which is located in the directory "C:\Program Files\AceBIT\Password Depot Server 15\Data" in version 15 by default.
  • Restart the server service.

HINT: You must now add all databases to the server again in order to encrypt them with the new password.

If you want to change the admin password or username, click the Users tab and then select the user admin. Afterwards, on the right, please choose Properties. You can adjust the corresponding settings in the "Account" tab.  

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