Password Depot Enterprise Server, BETA 12.0.6 available!

What is new in version 12.0.6?

  • Synchronization with AD was improved and extended.

In the new version we are using LDAP Provider for synchronization of users and groups with AD. Currently we cannot replace completely WinNT with LDAP because it would break existing configuration data, therefore WinNT provider is still used for identifying and authentication of users. However internally the LDAP provider is used to obtain data not supported by WinNT provider.

This solves the following issues:

  • The PD server now retrieves the list of recently deleted users and groups. With these data we can more reliably handle cases of missing users/groups. Only objects from the list will be deleted or disabled during automatic synchronization. This will help to avoid false deletion of users or groups when they are not accessible because of other reasons.

  • Number of other user attributes now are retrieved from AD during synchronization like E-Mail, Mobile telephone, Department, etc. These data are extremely important as we are going to implement 2-Factor Authentication and will need to deliver codes to users via alternate ways like Email or SMS.

How can you help us with testing?

From the external testers we need now evaluation of synchronization with AD under changing conditions - when new users created, modified, deleted or disabled. How PD Server detects and processes these events? Ideally would be to have tests in complex environments - with multiple domains or subdomains as well as with config data migrated from earlier versions of PD Server (v. 9-11).


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