Why does the Windows client cannot connect to the Enterprise Server?


Currently, it is required that both, Windows Client and Enterprise Server use the same major version number in order to establish a connection between our Windows Client and Enterprise Server successfully.

This means that you cannot connect to a server of version 15 with a Windows client of version 14 and vice versa.

Please also note that the new version 15.2 uses an upgraded transfer protocol with no backward compatibility. This means that the update to version 15.2. or higher is obligatory for all Password Depot clients (the mobile editions, too) as well as the Server Manager. In this case, it is currently also not possible, due to the above mentioned changes, to connect the Enterprise Server 15.2.1 to the client of version 15.1.7 and vice versa. If you do so and enter your credentials the client will try to establish a connection afterwards but the attempt will fail so that you will only see the sign-in window. If you are confronted with this issue in the current version 15 please make sure to update ALL editions (at least the ones you work with) to the latest build which can be found here for download:


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