Password Depot licensing: Update/Upgrade and Software Maintenance


If you purchase a Password Depot license, this will be a lifetime license and thus without any time limitation

Smaller updates within your main version are always free of charge. Installing such updates is also without any time limitation and always possible as soon as a new update for your main version is available (for example an update from version 14.0. to 14.1).

AceBIT releases updates for the current main version and its previous version only. Thus, if the current version, for example, is version 14 then updates will always be released for both version 14 and version 12. However, in this case, updates will not be available anymore for version 11 and older versions. Regarding the current version, updates always include bug fixes and, in some cases, new features also. Updates for the previous version include critical, safety-related bug fixes only.

If a new (main) version is released you can upgrade your current edition to the new version. Purchasing an upgrade is always cheaper than purchasing a new license. Upgrading the Enterprise Server is cheaper if you are already working with a more current main version. So, for example, the amount of net costs for an upgrade (server, 6 users) from version 12 to version 14 is 117,06 EUR only, whereas an upgrade from version 9 to version 14 (same server size) is 158,87 EUR. Concerning the client, upgrade costs are always the same no matter which version is your current one. This is also the case if you are currently using a very old version, for example Password Depot 7, and want to upgrade.

Upgrades are always optional. Of course you can always work with your older version, too.

When purchasing a license you can additionally add software maintenance to your order. The software maintenance will last for one year. Costs for the software maintenance are 25% of the total value of the purchase. With the software maintenance you are allowed to upgrade to the next main version of Password Depot within one year after purchasing the licenses free of charge. Updates within the same main version (an update from version 14.0 to 14.1, for example) are, as it has already been described above, always for free. You don't need a software maintenance for those updates.

The software maintenance can not be renewed. If a new main version is released after your software maintenance (duration: one year) has expired and you would like to purchase this new version of Password Depot you can order an upgrade of your existing licenses and purchase a new software maintenance for the next year additionally - however, software maintenance is always optional.

From our point of view, this, in fact, is a very customer-friendly and reasonable solution because, theoretically, you will be able when purchasing a license with software maintenance to work with the latest version of the software for up to two years in total. This is because updates within your main version (regardless of having purchased a software maintenance or not) are always available without any time limitation (as described above, updates will always be released for the current and its previous version only).

If you would like to know more about the differences between client and Enterprise Server concerning licensing, please click on the link below in order to get to another article where we have explained our licensing since version 12:

Hint: Our software maintenance is currently more comparable to an upgrade protection. Classic features of a software maintenance (such as free updates within the same major version of a program, support by email, telephone or TeamViewer) are already included in the purchase price. Thus, you don't need to extend your software maintenance in order to still have access to these features.

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