Which warnings can and should I set in Password Depot?

Under Edit > Options (or briefly with F10) you can specify in the Warnings tab which warnings Password Depot should display and which should be omitted. You have the following options:
  • Weak master password
  • Recommendation to use secure FTP protocol
  • Extraction of encrypted data on disk
  • Too many entries in the root folder
  • The database is too large
  • Data copied to the Clipboard
  • Password Depot is running in locked state
  • Disconnected from Password Depot Enterprise Server
  • Moving of non-empty folders
  • Switch to offline mode

In this way, you can determine for yourself which warnings are important to you. For example, the information that the database is too large or that there are too many entries in the root directory can be very useful. Some of the warnings are also recommended for security reasons, including the warnings in the event of a weak master password or in the case of extracted files in unprotected form.

If, on the other hand, individual warnings are perceived as annoying or superfluous, you can switch them off at any time. For example, many users forego warnings when data is copied to the clipboard.

You can therefore decide for yourself which warnings you would like to receive in Password Depot and remove the tick from individual warnings so that they will no longer be displayed in the future. You can also click the Check All or Uncheck All buttons to deal with all warnings in the same way:


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