OneDrive connection lost

Been having issues with the connection being dropped to OneDrive. Open Password Depot as Normal but next time go to use it and the file is not available to download. Have to restart phone and reconnect to OneDrive to access file. Phone is pixel 6.


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  • Dear Nick,

    Thank you for your post.

    Please contact us via mail to "" for further investigation of this issue and provide us with more information:

    • Which version of the Android Password Depot App do you use? Please update the Password Depot App to the latest version.

    • Please let us know which operating system version you have installed.

    • Can you open your database if you disconnect the connection between the Password Depot App and OneDrive and set it up again?

    • Do you receive any error message or similar? Please describe step-by-step your workflow. This will help us to replicate the described issue.

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