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I bought an additional new monitor for my PC and am now using the old one as a second screen. However, when I start windows 11 Password depot starts with it's login screen on the old monitor instead of the new one.

Is there a way to change that?

I have set the new monitor as the main screen in Windows itself: Settings > System > Display > Multiple displays - Make this my main display
This display refers to my new monitor.



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  • Open password depot.   when it opens on your old monitor,  go to right upper corner from your screen,
    and click on the middle icon, now your widowsscreen resize to smaller one.
    Drag this screen to your new monitor and click  in the middel icon upper right corner, now your windows screen will be miaximize to fit your screen.

    When closing now Password Depot,  Window will remember the screen where you have last time you use this prograam on and will open it on the latest used screen ( your new monitor).


    Hope this will help




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