SSL conection refused

Hi there, i did a test instalation on one server and connected with the client, everything great working. after that i buyed a certificate at comodo with a domain that i point to the server. after i put the certificate on the server no client or server manager can connect to the server. i receive this error


Can anyone help me on this?




Nuno Rodrigues



  • Hello Nunu,


    Have you checked those hints yet?


  • Yes i did but my question is why without ssl works and after dont work ? when ssl is ativated is there ant port to be open or still the 25012 is the only one?

  • In the screenshot you sent, use port number 25772 and not 25012.

    In addition, it is necessary to restart the server after installing the certificate (not only the Server Manager, but also the service!)

  • yes true i use the port 25772 and not 25012 (changed the default. but i did the restart of the manager and the service, and after that no more connection established. my question is when we are using SSL is there any adicional port that we need to open on the firewall? why is that when no SSL is used it works fine? Is there any way that we can talk by phone or live chat i think it was easier and may be im making some kind of mistake that im not seeing.

  • why i change the port 25012 to 25772 click save. connected with 25772 but the server always show 25012?


  • This happens because you have not restarted the server service. When you restart it, the new port is displayed.



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