How do I use the PuTTY entry?

I purchased the full version of the program (Version 12) and was wondering what the PuTTY entry does and how it works



  • Hello Owen, PuTTY is an open source terminal emulator that is mostly used by people who want secure remote shell access to a UNIX or Linux system.

    Users can use the PuTTY entry to save their information (e.g. host,login name, password) as an entry under their database, so they can easily auto-connect to their remote servers with one click.

  • One more question Dimitris how do I auto-connect to my remote server with only one click only? I entered my server's information (host, login name, password etc.) to a PuTTY Connection entry and cannot figure out how to connect

  • Hello Owen, for me it worked as following since PuTTY was not included with Password Depot and it might also work for you.

    1) Visit PuTTY's website and download their latest putty.exe client.

    ( )

    2) Go to your downloads, find and copy the putty.exe client you downloaded.

    3) Browse and open Password Depot's file location (default location: C:\Program Files (x86)...\AceBIT\Password Depot Server ... ).

    4) Paste putty.exe under that folder.

    5) Open Password Depot and create an PuTTY Connection entry and press "OK".

    6) Select your entry by left-clicking it.

    7) Click to the "Open URL" symbol on the top right of the program and/or just simply press "F5" to open your entry with one click.

  • Thank you Dimitris, it worked!


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