.psw file to PasswordDepot iphone app?

I have copied my .psw (Password data file), from my deck-top, to Dropbox.com, and from there I have downloaded the file to a folder on my iPhone SE.

I can not get the .psw file, to open in the iPhone’s “Password Depot Version 9.3.0 Mobile Edition.” Either downloading the file directly from Dropbox into the Password Depot iPhone app., nor trying to find and open the copy I downloaded to an iPhone folder, will work to open the Password data in the Password Depot iPhone app.

It states in The Manual for Password Depot for iOS
Opening a password file:
Step 2. Choose the register DEVICE.

- How do I do that?



  • Dear Alan, 

    We are sorry to hear that you are having these problems currently.

    However, please note that the iOS version 9.3.0 is obsolete and very old.

    Have you tried with our latest version 15? You can find the new iOS App here:


    Which version of Password Depot are you currently using on your computer?

  • Fb.Sabil Yusma Jaya


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