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I am looking into using the "master password and key file" feature. I haven't been able to find much information about using the Key file apart from how to generate it.

It would be great to have some guidance best practice on where to store this file. For example could this file be stored on a separate location like Dropbox while the password file is saved on OneDrive?




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  • Hi Nick!

    When using a master password and external key file for authentication the key file does not have to be stored on the local system, too (your computer, for example) but you can also store it on a USB drive or you can use another Cloud service for storing this external key file.

    You just need to make sure that this key file is always available during authentication because otherwise you cannot open your database. 

    You can store your key file on any third party application. As soon as you want to authenticate, you have to download the key file to your local system or make it at least somehow available for correct authentication.

    Is this information helpful to you?



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