Error message on startup of password deport

Hello community,

I installed the newest version of password depot 15.2 on a windows machine and now every time when I open it I receive an error message which I can bypass but it is a little bit annoying.

"failed to create key password depot 15"

Can you tell me what is going on here ?



  • Hi Silvia!

    We are sorry to hear about that. 

    Does this error message appear when you launch Password Depot 15 or when you try to open an already existing database?

    Are there previous Password Depot versions installed on your machine, too? 

    Which authentication do you use, master password and key file or a single master password only?

    Thank you in advance for your kind feedback.

  • Hello Christina,

    thanks for following up on this. There was a very old version (version 10) installed before. The error appears right now when opening password depot. Ok bypassing the message by clicking on "ok" i am able to open my databases and it seems to work. Master password only.


  • Hello Silvia, 

    Thank you for your swift response.

    Have you deleted all previous versions of Password Depot? If not, please make sure to delete all older versions properly. Furthermore, please also try the following:

    Please rename the cfg file as described below. Note that this process will restore any settings made in the client.

    - Quit Password Depot, if it is currently running.

    - Open the Windows Explorer and go to this directory:

    C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\AceBIT\Password Depot 15

    - Rename the file pwdepot.cfg, for example to "_pwdepot.cfg".

    - Launch Password Depot.

    Does this change anything? 

    Thank you for your cooperation. 

  • Hello Christina thank you for your answer. The old version (10) has been uninstalled through programs and features but i think there maybe something left in the registry which does the new version also rely on. Do you have a removal programs to get all thing cleared from older version or can you give a hint which entries should be removed from the registry ?

    Meanwhile i removed seveal entries from the registry and reinstalled it. Now it works fine.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Silvia, 

    Unfortunately, the entries in the registry have to be removed manually if they were not removed automatically during the uninstallation of Password Depot. 

    We recommend the following:

    1. Delete all Password Depot versions, including version 15. Please note that your databases are not affected since they are stored to another directory. In any case you, can also store your databases to another machine (additionally) prior to uninstalling PD. 

    2. After uninstalling all versions, please go to the registry again and search "Password Depot". If you can still see here any entries referring to Password Depot, please delete all of them manually.  

    3. Restart your computer.

    4. Again, open the registry and check if all Password Depot entries have been deleted properly. 

    5. Re-install Password Depot version 15.

    6. Your databases are still there and you can open them as always.

    Does this help to solve the problem?


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