Key file cannot be located in the latest android update (v15.0.9)

I have been using Password Depot android version for a long time and working well until recent update to v15.0.9. Key file .pdk file cannot be located despite it exists in the desirable path, hence I cannot open the pswd file. Is it a bug required to fix? Any alternative approach can be used to open the pswd file? Thank you.



  • same here!

  • I have found out how to choose the key file. In the start screen, click the menu button on the top left hand corner, then choose "External Keys" which should be the 4th option from the top. There you can find your key file and then you can select it in the key file dropdown when opening the pswd file. It seems like this was fixed in the most recent update.


    Thanks for getting this fix completed quickly.

  • Hello everyone!

    We have released an update (Password Depot Android app 15.1.1). Please make sure to download and use the latest version which can fix the problem. For more information, please also have a look at the article below:



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