PASSWORD DEPOT 16.0.6 ( Three problems )

OS Android 12


Can you move PROTECTION STORAGE to other no need to access permission local location Folder space ? Because i can't find any created xxxx.pswe file from my local storage space , i was so sad. I read and tried your 15.1.0 version answer, but not find anything about my .pswe file or Folder



Another about Save as .pswe file can't have a choice to select any local location space by myself e.g Download folder , unfortunately as same only give me to choice also only stayed with PROTECTION STORAGE , that problem can't gave me to access PROTECTION STORAGE location


3. External Key 

Also the key file .pdk , i think it was save to PROTECTION STORAGE location, because i as same can't find it from my local space  .

Only to choose share with e.g send  from Google Gmail the key , can't to choice save as other no need to me access permission local locations space 

 I have already to know android policy by your answer states that apps should not have direct access to the smartphone's file system .

Finally my questions is why you don't change no need to access permission file system location ( PROTECTION STORAGE)? 



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  • Dear Mr. Chung,

    Thank you for your questions.

    1. Device -----》 PROTECTION STORAGE
    If you create a new Database in your Password Depot Android App (Version 15.1.0 and above), it will be stored only in the “Protected Storage”. There is no external access to it and no application can read these files (except Password Depot). That is why we call it "protected".
    The article from our Knowledgebase explains, how to import a Database/Key File/Backup from the “Shared Folders” to the “Protected Storage”.

    2. ROOT
    Like I said above, due to the changes in the Android operating system policies, there is no possibility to get access to the “Protected Storage” and except Password Depot to read these files. Beside the “Protected Storage” you can store your database in a Cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive for example.

    3. External Key
    Also your Key File (.pdk) will be stored in the Protected Storage. The rules described above for the databases and the Protected Storage also apply here.

    Answer these information’s your questions?
    Maybe the following article is also relevant/interesting for you:

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    With kind regards
    Julian Engel
    - AceBIT Support-Team -


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