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I was making some Russian language files for the Password Depot program. Since you have removed the description page in Russian from your site, I would like you to also remove my translations from your pages. In turn, I refuse to use your program and ask you to revoke my serial numbers for using this product.

In the future, even after the situation has normalized, I forbid you to use my translations into Russian for your product. Your company's attitude towards my country is disgusting and I refuse further cooperation



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  • Hello!

    Thank you for your contribution! We would like to point out that in the next few weeks we will remove all languages from the website and leave only the five main languages English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. This is a strategic decision, of the product manager.

    We investigated your request., In fact, in the past you had translated Password Depot's interface into Russian. We thank you again for that. However, in 2019 we had hired an external translator to do a  new translation. So the translation of the current interface was not done by you, and you should be able to tell when you compare your file with the current file.

    However, we have removed your name and email address in accordance with your request.

    We thank you for your long-time trust in Password Depot and wish you all the best!

  • Hi!

    Oh, what a wonderful fairy tale. It does not matter at all what you will do in the coming weeks and what decision your manager has made regarding other languages. At the moment you have deleted the page for the Russian language only. Today - the Russians, tomorrow - the Chinese, the day after tomorrow - the Indians, perhaps it will be the turn of the Jews... The road is trodden and you know the name of it... Of course, keep doing it further. It's funny to see how the face of Nazism gradually peeks out from under the mask of civilization and democracy.

    Yes, I downloaded the translation file for the current version of Password Depot and will compare it line by line with my works. I think I can distinguish my work from the work of an external translator. And I will be able to provide evidence if my works were used for this translation.

    In the meantime, all translation files made by me for previous versions of the program should be removed from your site as soon as possible. I officially prohibit the use of these files on your site.


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