Problems with Google Drive

Update 10.02.20: By updating the Google Drive API to version 3, problems could finally be solved in Password Depot 14.0.2. Thus, we recommend to use build 14.0.2 of the Windows client at least.

Since about 7 February 2020, about midnight, downloading password files from Google Drive is not working anymore but instead the error message “Unknown format” appears.

Currently, we assume that this is a temporary problem of Google Drive because we have no proof of any errors regarding Password Depot.

Workaround for older versions:

We can only suggest, as workaround for previous versions of Password Depot, to copy your password file to your local system or temporarily store it to another cloud service.



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  • This problem just started for me also when opening my Google Drive based *.pswe file FROM WITHIN Password Depot 12 and now 14. However, I can close Password Depot and successfully open the file by right-clicking on the local file (inside my local Google Drive folder) and selecting "Open with..." and then choosing Password Depot. This method does not automatically attempt to download the latest version of the *.pswe file from Google Drive so could be problematic for those who are accessing the synced file from multiple devices. It's possible the local Google Drive file will not have the latest changes if it hasn't synced yet. I don't use multiple devices so it isn't an issue for me.

    Oh, I can also use Password Depot's Database Manager to connect locally to the *.pswe file in my local Google Drive folder. The problem occurs when I try to use the special Google Drive login interface. I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon.

  • I am also facing this problem, but it's worse than we thought! It doesn't even open up a database that Password Depot itself has created in Google Drive.
    Aka if you go into Google Drive, click on the "Create Database" button, fill out the details and click save it creates the DB but you get the "Uknown format" issue when trying to open or access it.

    PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!! It is the most irritating thing and really is making me consider switching to a different password keeping application, even though I use this one for work.


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