Connection to the Enterprise Server of version 12, 14 and 15


If you are working with the latest Password Depot edition for macOS, you can connect to the Enterprise Server of the following main versions:

  • Version 12
  • Version 14
  • Version 15

For successful login to the main version 12 or 14 it is required to select the correct main version by using the corresponding buttons in the login window:


The port will be changed by Password Depot itself automatically according to the selected main version (12 or 14).

If you would like to connect to the latest Enterprise Server version 15, you only need to change the port to "25015" accordingly. You do not need to choose a button here before connecting to the server as described above for versions 12 and 14:




When connecting to the Enterprise Server of the latest version 15 it does not matter which button is selected for "Server version" since it is only required to change the port number accordingly.

If necessary, please also change the server address and enter your credentials next. Finally, select "OK" for login.

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