I don't see the fingerprint option anywhere

Am I overlooking something. Isn't there supposed to be a fingerprint option somewhere? I assume to open the app.



  • New version, new "support" platform, but even less support by Acebit than before.

    You are testing the beta version?

    I only get the fingerprint option after I unlocked PWD with my masterpassword, when the program locks itself. Then I can unlock with my fingerprint.

    (Double entry, see https://support.password-depot.de/hc/de/community/posts/360004271279-12-1-Beta-Erste-Eindr%C3%BCcke)

  • It's terrible. How can a company create a new support forum and then never provide support! Ridiculous!

    I thought I was testing the beta version, but after rechecking I appearantly am not. I'm no going to test it either. Why help with testing, if they can't even be bothered with helping us.

  • No answer from Acebit yet ...?

  • Nope still nothing. A totall disgrace.

    I'm not sure I want to keep supporting a company with suchs disregard for their clients to be honest.


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