several accounts cannot log in

I have posted this allready on 2th december 2019   With the update of version 12... the problem was not solved!!

Now I have downloaded V.14.   ..... still same problem.  I am very sorry to leave you now.. I was an happy costumer since V9  now I have go to other programm. Missed chance.



  • Could you please describe the problem in more detail? You write that several accounts cannot log on. Since there are no accounts to log in to Password Depot, we assume that you meant the Enterprise Server?

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  • Thanks a lot, Volker. We have answered in the original topic.

  • Original:


    Here I get answer that it will be fixed soon.... later with next update.

    When it was not fixed with latest updat of V12... I get message  it will be solved innext update or V14.  

    In V.14 still does not work ;(

    And several times I provide a list with websites where I have these problems with...


  • Still waiting for solution!

  • Hello Jan,

    the add on (12.1.6) is working in Password Depot 14 and we have already checked your request and the special URLs you had requested for. 

    Could you please check again and get back to us if the problem still exists?

  • On every site the dialogbox is still frozen, but I see the logins now,  exept for the site, which is still not working



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