Little red flag next to my entry


I only now noticed that next to some entries there is a little red flag. What does that flag point to? I am sure it's a warning of sorts. But for what?


I am using Password Depot 16



  • Hi Martin!

    The little red flag next to an entry means that this entry is of high importance to you. You can choose from three different options concerning the importance of an entry:

    • Low
    • Medium
    • High

    Entries which have been assigned the importance "High" will have this little red flag located next to them.

    You can open the properties and change the importance, if required:

    Entries with a "Low" or "Medium" importance will not show the red flag.

  • Aha. Thanks for explaing this to me. I've been using Password Depot at least since version 9 and must have known this at some point seeing as some entries are flagged :-).

    Clearly I never use it anymore and forgot about how it was used.


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