How do I deactivate the built-in password manager of my browser?


Your browser has an integrated password manager, which asks you if you want to save a password after entering it. You should disable this so that there are no conflicts with Password Depot.


Disable storing passwords in Chrome:

  • Click on the Chrome menu in the toolbar and select "Settings".
  • Scroll down and click "Advanced".
  • Scroll to the "Passwords and Forms" section and click "Manage Passwords".
  • Deactivate "Offer saving of passwords".


Disable the storage of passwords in Firefox:

  • Click "Settings".
  • Click "Security".
  • Deactivate "Save passwords".

Internet Explorer

Disable saving passwords in Internet Explorer:

  • Click the Settings menu and select Internet Options.
  • Click the Contents tab.
  • In the AutoComplete section, click Settings.
  • Disable "Forms and Search" and "Usernames and Passwords for Forms", then click OK.


Disable saving passwords in Safari:

  • Click the Safari menu and select Preferences.
  • Click the AutoFill icon.
  • Deactivate all the AutoFill web forms settings: “Using info from my contacts”, “User names and passwords”, “Credit cards”, and “Other forms”.
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