Where can I find the latest updates of the Password Depot add-ons and their settings?

The links to the current versions of the add-ons for Password Depot can be found under Help > Add-ons.


Extensions to Password Depot are available for the following three browsers:

There is also an add-on for Internet Explorer. However, this can only be installed using the installation program.

Settings for the add-ons

Under Edit > Options, you will also find the links to the current versions of the Password Depot extensions on the Browsers tab:


You can also adjust the required settings for the add-ons here:


The following options are available:

  • Auto-fill web forms using add-ons: Check this option if you want the browser add-ons to fill out web forms fully automatically. If you prefer drag & drop or the auto-completion via the lightning symbol, uncheck this option.
  • Automatically select passwords in top bar: If the program is set to the top bar mode and you manually enter an URL into the browser, the program automatically selects the corresponding password (given that there is an entry with a password for the current URL). For this function to work, the browser add-ons must be activated.
  • Add new passwords from web browsers: If you want Password Depot to suggest to add new passwords while you are surfing the Internet, check this option.
  • Warn about identical passwords for different URLs: Here, you can set Password Depot to warn you in case of identical passwords on different URLs. This will increase your security.
  • WebSockets port: Here, you can set or change the port for WebSockets of Password Depot. The default port in Password Depot 17 is 25109.
  • Protect access with a password: We recommend to activate this option if you desire enhanced or additional security for accessing Password Depot from browser extensions. For
    deactivating this option, please uncheck the box.
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