How can I pass parameters to an application like putty and log in automatically?


You can use Password Depot to start an application and pass this parameter if it supports parameters.

For example, the correct call for putty looks like this:

Create a new password entry.
Enter your access data in the fields "Password" and "User" as usual.
Now switch to the "URLs" tab. In the "Default URL/File" field, enter or select the path to putty by clicking the icon next to the input field.
Now switch to the "Advanced" tab.
Under Command Line Parameters, enter the following:

<USER>@12.345.678.123 -pw <PASS>

(replace 12.345.678.123 with your IP address)
If you now mark this new entry in Password Depot and press F5, putty opens and you are automatically logged in with your account.

NOTE: Since version 12 there is a new type with the same name for Putty. So you should use the new type for putty entries and not command line parameters.

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