How to migrate from a previous version to Password Depot Enterprise Server 17

The migration from an older Enterprise Server version to version 17 is quite simple and can be executed in a few minutes.

Please follow the steps below carefully  in order to upgrade your Enterprise Server to the latest version 17 and avoid possible errors:

  1. Install version 17 of the Enterprise Server.
  2. Start the Server Manager version 17, login with the username "admin" and the password "admin" and set up the same administrator password of the previous version (on the left go to the "user" area, right-click on the "admin" user and go to "Properties").
  3. Stop both the server of version 17 and the server of the previous version (please stop the services, not the Server Manager only!).

  4. Copy all Databases from the directory \Passwords (version 11 and older), or \Data\DB\ (version 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17) of your previous version to the directory \Data\DB of version 17 (by default "C:\Program Files\AceBIT\Password Depot Server 17\Data\DB"). Databases will automatically be converted from the .psw (or .psw7 etc.) format to the new .pswe format when used by the Enterprise Server. However, this affects databases using another file format than the *.pswe format. Note: When migrating the Enterprise Server from version 16 to version 17, we recommend copying the \Data directory and its content from version 16 to the program directory of version 17.
  5. Copy the file pwd_srv.cfg from the program directory (version 11 and older), or \Data (version 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17) of your previous version to the directory \Data of version 17 (by default "C:\Program Files\AceBIT\Password Depot Server 17\Data") to transfer users and settings also.
  6. Do NOT copy the file pdserver.ini to the new directory. If you have done this by mistake, edit this file and adjust the paths and port.
  7. Start the server of version 17. If you now log on to the Server Manager, you may have to wait a few minutes until it will be available because conversions are performed in the background once.
  8. If you use Active Directory: After starting the Server Manager for the first time, please perform a complete resynchronization with AD (Server Manager -> Tools -> Active Directory Synchronization) to replace WinNT paths with LDAP. This process will take some time in the beginning, however, it will be much faster with all future executions.

NOTE: Since version 16, the Enterprise Server's *.pswe files are not stored separately, but unpacked into *.dbp subfolders. An Enterprise Server *.pswe file is a ZIP archive containing a main database file _database.pswd as well as separated document entries. Due to performance reasons Password Depot Enterprise Server stores these archives in unpacked form as .dbp folders.


Note on connecting clients: The default port in version 17 is 25017. When updating the clients to the new main version, you may check the option "Use settings from the previous version" in the installation wizard. If so, the client settings of the previous main version will also be applied to the new version. Therefore, please make sure to change the port number afterwards accordingly since every new main version uses an individual port number for connection.


The current server version Password Depot 17 can automatically convert server installations of version 10.5 or higher. We therefore recommend using version 11 when migrating older databases - for example from Password Depot 8 or 9 - so that everything is converted correctly.

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