Work with databases offline


You can save databases that you load from the Enterprise Server to your local system automatically, so that you can continue working with them if the server is not available or you are on the road.

Required settings on Password Depot Enterprise Server

The administrator must allow local saving. This is set in the Server Manager.

Either the option Save databases locally must be activated in the Server Policies or storing databases locally is enabled for individual databases and users/groups. This is done via DATABASES / <Right click on a database> / PROPERTIES / SECURITY: There, users/groups need to be selected first. Afterwards, the option Save database locally must be activated in the Permissions on the database tab.

Required settings in Password Depot (Client)

After the administrator has activated local saving, the user can also save a database from the Entperise Server locally in the client via Database -> Save as.

This can also be automated so that local copies will be saved automatically:

This is done in the client via Options -> Save. If the option Store local copy of databases from Password Depot Enterprise Server is activated here, a copy of the corresponding database is saved to the directory <passwords>\Network (by default C:\Users\USER\Documents\Password Depot\Network) after each session.

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