Using the clipboard in Password Depot


The clipboard in general is used by many different applications and none of all these applications is able to completely control it. Besides, it is sometimes necessary to use the clipboard because there is no other possibility to transfer data from one application to another. In order to minimize the risk that external tools will record data which is copied to the clipboard, Password Depot is proceeding as follows:

1. When working with "Auto-complete" and "Drag & Drop" all data is removed from the clipboard immediately after using it.

2. There is a timer with which you can determine a certain time. The program automatically deletes the copied data after that time (by default 60 seconds). When you go to Edit -> Options -> Clipboard you can set up the time individually.

3. Password Depot is using an integrated technique to hide changes in the clipboard from registered clipboard viewers.

4. Password Depot prevents recording of data copied to the Clipboard history on Windows 10 Release 1809 or higher. 



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