How can I use my passwords on all my devices at the same time?


Most people nowadays work not only on a single computer, but on several, such as PC, mobile phone and Mac at the same time. So it is desirable that the passwords you manage in Password Depot are available on all your devices, of course.

In Password Depot you can solve this very easily and most importantly securely. Unlike conventional password managers, your confidential passwords are not stored on the company servers of the respective vendor, but you yourself retain full control over where your data is stored. You can choose from practically all available cloud services and store your databases e.g. on OneDrive, Google Drive, Magenta or e.g. HiDrive (and via WebDav on services like MagentaCloud, NextCloud, and many more).

It is important to know that your data is always stored there in encrypted form only. Decryption always takes place only on your device. Even in the hypothetical case that an employee of the cloud service of your choice now illegally gains access to your database, he could not do anything with it, because it is encrypted.

Here's how you proceed to share your passwords from all your devices

In this example, we start with the Windows edition of Password Depot using Dropbox.

  • Click on Database -> Database Manager in the menu.
  • Click on Dropbox on the left and then on Log in.
  • Now a page will open in your browser where you have to allow Password Depot to connect to Dropbox.
  • Click Allow.

If everything worked, you will see a confirmation in your browser and you can now close it.
Go back to Password Depot and create a new database by clicking the corresponding icon:
Give the new database any name and access data.

That's it! Now you have created your database on Dropbox. Now you can open this database on all your devices.

Accessing the database you just created from your smartphone

For example, if you want to open it on your Android device, first download and install the Password Depot app for Android on your smartphone.

  • Launch the app and select Open DB Manager from the welcome menu.
  • Click the down arrow at the top of the menu and select Dropbox.
  • After that, click Connect to Dropbox and allow Password Depot App to access your Dropbox via your smartphone as well.

Done. Now you can see your database that you created before on your PC and you can use it on your PC and on your smartphone at the same time.

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