Assigning a new master password for biometric authentication


On a new device or even with a new database, the corresponding master password must always be entered once for authentication before biometric authentication can take place at all.

Anyone who uses Password Depot exclusively with fingerprint could be surprised if, for example, the master password is requested after moving to a new smartphone. However, this is normal behavior of the app. If the master password has been forgotten, a workaround is necessary in which you give your database a new master password or change the authentication. Please proceed as follows:

    1. First open your database in the Password Depot Android app on your old device.
    2. Go to the top right on more_vert-24px.svgand select "Export" from the drop-down menu.
    3. Export the data in XML format.
    4. Now copy the exported data in the XML document to your Windows PC. You can, for example, save this on the desktop (or in another location).
    5. Open Password Depot 15 for Windows. If you are not currently working with the program on your PC, you can download it free of charge from our website. After the initial installation, the program runs for 30 days in freeware mode and with full functionality. There are no costs involved. You can download the Windows version here.
    6. Then create a new, empty database on your PC (Database Manager > Local System > New Database).
    7. Give this new database any name you want and choose a strong master password that you can remember too.
    8. Then open this new, empty database and go to Tools > Import in the Windows client. Here you now select the XML file that you copied from your smartphone to the PC. You should then see your mobile phone data in the new database, from which you now also know the new master password.
    9. Now drag this database to your new Android device and here to the Password Depot app. Make sure that you are using the correct folder for the app (preferably Documents \ Password Depot).
    10. You can now open the new database once with the new master password and then use biometric authentication again.
Hint: We recommend that you choose a master password that you can always remember or at least occasionally use it instead of your fingerprint for authentication. As the manufacturer, we do not have access to your master password and we also have no way of resetting it.
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