Why can I no longer open my databases after updating to version 15.0.9 and higher?

This article applies to devices using the Android 11 operating system or higher and when the databases are stored in the "Shared Folders" area of the Password Depot Android app.

Due to the changes in the Android operating system, the Password Depot app no longer has direct access to databases stored in the "Shared Folders" area.

Therefore, you need to import your databases from the "Shared Folders" area to the "Protected Storage" area of the app. This applies to databases as well as key files and backup files.

Android policy states that apps should not have direct access to the smartphone's file system. Therefore, we have stopped support for "Shared Folders" in the new version.

In version 15.1.0 and above, we have provided tools to import files to the internal storage ("Protected Storage"). There is no external access to it and no application can read these files (except Password Depot). That is why we call it "protected".

  1. The first step is to import the databases. To do this, you need to go to the place where the "shared files" were located. After that, click on "Import database" and select the desired database. The selected database will then be added to the first tab "Protected storage". Important note: The original files will not be deleted during this process. Please delete the files yourself if necessary.

  2.  If you use external key files, you will also need to import them into the "Protected Storage". We have implemented a function to import key files as well.

    We cannot filter the files by their extension, so you will see all your files in the key import dialog.

    Therefore, you must make sure that you select the correct file. If you select another file instead of the one with the key, you will see an error message: "No matching file found"


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