How can I copy desktop databases to the protected storage?

Currently, you cannot copy a database created with the Password Depot desktop edition to the Android app's protected storage directly. To do so, please carry out the workaround as described below:

1. First, copy your desktop database to your mobile device (e.g. using a USB cable). You can select any folder available. If you need detailed instructions on how to copy desktop databases to your smartphone or tablet, please read the following article carefully:

How to copy databases from my computer to my smartphone (Android and iOS)?


2. Now, open the Password Depot Android app on your device and select the Database Manager.

Note: Using the Shared Folders area for saving your databases is no longer possible from version 15.1.0 onwards because it is against the latest Android policies. External applications can no longer access the Android device's file system, thus, from version 15.1.0 the Shared Folders area is no longer available in the Password Depot Android app.


3. Next, you have to import the database which you have copied from your computer to your Android device from  the device's file system into the app's protected storage. To do so, select the Shared Folders area in the app and go to Import database/key file. Afterwards, you can search the database on your Android device and select it for the import. If you need more information on how to do this, please read the article below:

Changes in the "Shared Folders" area from version 15.1.0 onwards.

4. Go back to the app's protected storage. You should now see the database copied from your computer to your mobile device. 

WARNING: Please note that all databases stored to the Android app's protected storage will be deleted permanently if you delete the app from your device.

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