Why does the Password Depot Android app not show any databases?

If you do not see any databases in the File Manager, please check the following:

In Android, go to SETTINGS / APPLICATION MANAGERS. Select Password Depot here. Now, check under RIGHTS whether MEMORY is activated. As long as this option is disabled, you won't see any databases!

This is a new setting introduced with Android 6.


From version 15.1.0 onward, please also note the following:

Using the Shared Folders area for saving your databases is no longer possible from version 15.1.0 onward because it is against the latest Android policies. External applications can no longer access the Android device's file system. Thus, from version 15.1.0 onward, the Shared Folders area is no longer available in the Password Depot Android app. You can use only the protected storage for storing your databases.

For more information, please read the following intructions carefully:

Why can I no longer open my databases after updating to version 15.0.9 and higher?


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  • Dear Lita Colada,

    Thank you for your post.

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