My master password is not being accepted


If your master password is working fine on your local system but is not accepted by the Android edition (version 14) saying "Invalid credentials" this probably happens due to different encoding systems.

The Password Depot desktop app requests from the operating system ANSI encoding. But ANSI encoding actually is not a real encoding system but is a set of locale dependent encodings. For example, if the user's locale is English (or German) the operating system will switch to "Windows-1252". If the user's locale is Russian, it will switch to "Windows-1251" etc.

Unfortunately, the Android app is not able to set up these settings on its own and that is why users need to manually select the correct charset in the options of the app first so that the Android app will be able to recognize all characters of your master password. This option is looking as follows:

You are able to select one of the following charsets in the Android app:

"Windows-1252", // English, German, etc (default)
"Windows-1251", // Russian
"Windows-1250", // Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (Latin script), Romanian (before 1993 spelling reform) and Albanian
"Windows-1253", // Greek

If you select the correct charset, that is the same which is also being used in Windows, your master password will also be accepted by the Android app.

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