How to copy databases from my computer to my smartphone (Android and iOS)?


Thanks to the new .pswe format file transfer from your computer to your smartphone and vice versa is very easy. So, you can easily transfer databases that you created with and stored on your local system to your smartphone in order to also have access to your databases from your smartphone.

To do so, proceed as follows:

iOS app

1. Please download the app Password Depot from the App store and install the program on your smartphone.

2. Start iTunes on your computer and log in with your Apple-ID and password.

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer, go to iTunes and select there your mobile device (at the top on the left you will find a symbol of a smartphone in the tab "Library"). Now, click on "File Sharing" (the last possible option to select under "Settings").

4. Please tag the app Password Depot on the left. Now you can add databases which are stored on your computer to your iPhone using the option "Add File". If you select a database stored on your iPhone and click on "Save" you can store it on your local system.

If you don't want to use iTunes for transferring your databases to your iPhone you can copy your files from your computer to your smartphone also by following the steps below:

1. Open your email account and send an email to your own email address with your pswe file attached. In fact, this is possible because a pswe file can be sent via email the same way as you can send a Word document etc.

2. Sign in to your email account on your iPhone and download the pswe file from the email you have just sent. Save your database on your smartphone in Save to Files -> On my iPhone -> Password Depot. Finally, click on "Add" to continue.

3. Open Password Depot on your smartphone. You should now be able to see and open the database you have just downloaded in the Database Manager. 

HINT: Your database is always encrypted, also if you send it by email.


Android app

1. Download the app Password Depot from Google Playstore and install the program on your device.

2. Connect it to your computer, e.g. through Bluetooth or USB cable, and open Windows Explorer. You now need to select the directory where you have stored your databases on your local system. By default it's C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Password Depot. Please select here the database you would like to copy to your smartphone. Rightclick on the file and select "Copy".

3. Go back to your Windows Explorer and select your device (e.g. a smartphone or tablet). Go to the folder "Documents". Rightclick here again and select "Paste". Your database is now copied to your Android device. 

HINT: It's not necessary to choose this special path in order to copy your databases from your computer to your Android device. You can choose any path/folder you want, all of them should work.

4. Now, open the Password Depot app on your mobile device and go to DB Manager. Now go to "Shared folders"  and select the folder where you just pasted your database to. You now should be able to see your database here. Next time you open the app you should be able to see your copied database in the DB Manager.

WARNING: Please note that both the Android and iOS edition can only work with the .pswe or .pswd format. Besides, encryption is only possible with master password in iOS currently. The new Android app does also support authentication with master password and key file since version 12.

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