How to copy desktop databases to the Protected Storage


Currently, it is not possible to copy a database created with the Password Depot desktop edition to the Android app's protected storage directly. However, you can achieve that by carrying out the below workaround:

1. First, copy your desktop database to the app's Shared Folders area. If you need detailed instructions on how to copy desktop databases to your smartphone or tablet, please also visit our support center:


How to copy databases from my computer to my smartphone (Android and iOS)?


2. Open your database in the Android app's Shared Folders area. 

3. Next, go to on top on the right and select the option Save As.

4. Now, you can select the app's protected storage for saving your database. Finally, tap Save to finish. Your database is now saved to the app's protected storage and when opening the Database Manager you can see it there.

Afterwards, you can return to the Shared Folders area and delete your database there. It will still be available in the app's protected storage though.


If you would like to learn more about this topic, please have a look at the chapter "Storing Existing Password Files to Another Storage Location" in our manual for Android:

Quick Start Guide Password Depot for Android

Warning: Please note that all databases being stored to the Android app's protected storage exclusively, will be deleted permanently if you delete the app from your device.

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