Licensing since version 12

Since version 12, concurrent users are not of importance any longer when using the Enterprise Server. Instead, you license the number of users you would like to add to the server.

In detail, licensing of Password Depot is organized as follows:

Client (main application)

You need a client license (Windows) for each employee who is to work with Password Depot. So, for example, if you want 10 employees in your team to work with Password Depot, you need 10 single client licenses regardless of working with the Enterprise Server or not. This also applies when using Password Depot on a terminal server.

Enterprise Server

On the other hand, when working with the Enterprise Server, you need to license the number of users you would like to add to your server. Example: If you would like to add 20 users to your server, the server license "20 users" is required.

Regarding licensing of the Enterprise Server, different server sizes are available, starting at five users up to an unlimited number of users. The server size always indicates how many users you can add to the server at maximum.

Note: When using the Enterprise Server, client and server licenses are offered and purchased as a package. Example: When purchasing the package "Password Depot Enterprise Server 17, 5 Users" you get 5 client and 5 Enterprise Server licenses accordingly.

Why has licensing changed with version 12?

The old way of licensing, that is, concurrent users being of importance, is not practical anymore, especially since implementing the offline mode and since users are also able to connect to the Enterprise Server through mobile devices. Due to these new features, it is difficult to differentiate between connected and disconnected users because the latter can easily re-establish a connection to the server and thus start synchronization of a database, if required.

Therefore, it is not effective anymore to count concurrent users who are connected to the server at the same time. Consequently, licensing has changed and is now organized as mentioned above.

If you would like to learn more about our licensing please click here.

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