Licensing and Maintenance


All Password Depot licenses are lifetime licenses and thus you can use them without any time limitation

Upgrades are always optional. Of course you can always work with your older version, too.

Enterprise Server

A license for the Enterprise Server is required for the desired number of users. The server license then defines the number of users you would like to add to your server. (Hint: Since version 12 concurrent users do not count anymore.)

Creating a maximum of three users on the Enterprise Server does not require a license. In this case, the server can be downloaded and used free of charge. If you would like to add more than three users to the Enterprise Server, purchasing a server license is required. Different server sizes are available, starting at five users up to an unlimited number of users.

When purchasing the Enterprise Server for the desired number of users, you will receive all clients for all supported operating systems as well as the web interface. Thus, Enterprise Server and client (main program) are sold as a package.

All purchased licenses are named licenses, which can only be used by one user at a time but installed on as many computers and operating systems as desired. In addition to that, a license can be used in all available localized languages.


When purchasing a license, one year of maintenance is always included automatically. If maintenance has expired, you can purchase a renewal. Extending your maintenance for one more year costs about 25% of the total net. Upon request you can also purchase two or three years of maintenance accordingly.

Smaller updates (within the same main version purchased) and upgrades (switching to the next main version) are always free of charge provided you have a valid maintenance.

If maintenance is not extended, you can no longer receive further updates and upgrades. However, you can still use your current version without any time limitation.

If you do not own a valid maintenance anymore, you can still purchase an upgrade later at any time or extend your maintenance retroactively.

AceBIT releases updates for the current and its previous main version only. Example: If the current version is version 16, updates will always be released for both version 16 and 15. However, in this case, updates will not be available anymore for version 14 and older versions. For the latest version, updates always include bug fixes and, in some cases, new features also. Updates for the previous version include critical, safety-related bug fixes only.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between client and Enterprise Server please read the following explanation:

Licensing since version 12

HINT: Our maintenance is currently more comparable to an upgrade protection. Classic maintenance features (such as support by email, telephone or TeamViewer) are already included in the purchase price and you do not need to extend your maintenance to get support.

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