After updating to iOS 14.x, the Password Depot app no longer works

If after updating the iPhone to iOS 14.5 or 14.6 the Password Depot app no longer opens and you get a message that "the developer has to update the app", you are using an outdated version of the Password Depot app.

The older versions of our Password Depot iOS app do not work anymore with the latest iOS updates 14.5 or 14.6. Therefore, please make sure to install the latest and current version of our new iOS app which can be downloaded here from the App Store free of charge.

If you cannot see your databases using the new application, then please transfer them via iTunes to the corresponding directory of the new app. You should be able to see both the old and new Password Depot iOS app in iTunes. The old one will be displayed somehow faded but you can still see it.

You should then be able to find your old databases in the faded folder of the old app. Please copy all your database into the folder of the new app which should be displayed in iTunes, too.

Hint: Please make sure to use the latest and current file format which is the *.pswe format. Older file formats (for example, the *.pswx format) do not work anymore with our latest mobile editions.

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  • Hello, I do not see Password Depot in iTunes; only Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books and Audiobooks - there is no option to see Apps? So how do I see apps in iTunes to transfer the files?


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