Using the iOS app, I suddenly cannot see databases stored to Google Drive anymore

If you store your databases to Google Drive, you can open and access these files from different devices, for example your Windows computer or iPhone/tablet. In this case, you can make sure to always access the latest version of your database because all changes are always uploaded to Google Drive automatically.

In order to use the cloud service correctly, it is required to access the default path for storing your databases to Google Drive. This default path is available in both the iOS and Windows app. Learn more about this feature here:

Where does Password Depot store databases when I use Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Box?

If you want to learn more about how to determine this default path, we recommend reading the following knowledge base article:

How can I use my passwords on all my devices at the same time?

If you have the problem that you suddenly cannot see your database anymore using the iOS app, even though it was working before without any problems and is still working with the Windows app, please check the following:

Open Google Drive in your browser (please do this in Windows) and check if there are two (or even more folders) named "Password Depot". If this is the case, please continue as follows:

1. Search for the default directory which is Google Drive\Password Depot.

2. Open all other folders of the same name und check if those folders include databases you are working with. If so, move them to the default directory as mentioned in point 1.

3. Delete all other folders named "Password Depot" in Google Drive in your browser.

4. Uninstall the Password Depot iOS app from your device. ATTENTION: If you uninstall the iOS app from your device all locally stored databases will be deleted, too! Thus, please make sure to save all locally stored databases ADDITIONALLY prior to deleting the app. Otherwise, all locally stored databases will be deleted permanently from your device and cannot be restored afterwards. 

5. Download the Password Depot iOS app from the App Store (or your cloud) and install it on your device. 

6. Open the app and go to Open DB Manager -> GDrive (you can select Google Drive from the Database Manager).

7. Connect to your Google Drive account. 

Now, using the iOS app, you should see all databases stored to Google Drive again.

Unfortunately, conflicts may occur if several folders named "Password Depot" exist in Google Drive. The problem can only be solved by a manual workaround. Password Depot always accesses folders in Google Drive depending on the order in which Google Drive returns the list of folders. Thus, if there are several folders named "Password Depot", the program may access different folders and also store your databases to different folders that cannot be accessed by all editions. As a consequence, you cannot access the same database anymore using different Password Depot editions and devices. Therefore, when working with a cloud service, we recommend using the default path (Password Depot creates this default path itself when creating a new database in the cloud) and not changing the root directory in order to avoid access conflicts as described above. 

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