How can I upgrade my old Password Depot to the current version?


Password Depot stores the entries in encrypted databases with the file name extension .pswe. Some older versions add the version number to the file name extension, e.g. .psw7, .psw8 etc. The current and recommended database format has the extension .pswe.

Switching from an older version of Password Depot, such as version 5, to the current version is very easy:

  • Uninstall the old version (your passwords and data will not be lost!)
  • Install the new version.
  • Unlock the new version with your unlock code.
  • Load your old database in the new version (click Database > DB-Manager). By default, older versions of Password Depot store the databases under "\Dokumente\Password Depot 5" (or the version number you use instead of 5). Newer versions use the directory without version number, i.e. only "\Dokumente\Password Depot\".
  • It is recommended to save the database via Database > Save as in the directory "\Dokumente\Password Depot", if it is still in an old directory (e.g. "\Dokumente\Password Depot 5" etc.) AND select in the field "File type" the entry "Password files (*.pswe)".

That's it! You can now work with the new version.

NOTE: You can always open and edit a database that you created with an older version with a newer one. For example, a database from version 4 can be opened in version 11. Conversely, however, it is not possible! You can no longer open a database that you saved with version 11 in version 4. This is because the database format is constantly being extended so that previous versions, which are no longer updated, can no longer read it.

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