What is the difference between Beginner, Expert and Custom mode?

You can run Password Depot in different modes. Depending on the selected mode, you can define which features should be available or not. If you want to change the mode in Password Depot, click View > Mode.


You can choose between Expert, Beginner and Custom mode. If you want to use all program features, switch to the Expert mode. Select the Beginner mode in order to use the main program features only. If, on the other hand, you want to select the existing features yourself, set the Custom mode.


The Beginner mode

The Beginner mode only includes the most important program features. Additional options, such as synchronizing or cleaning up databases, are not active. The menu items Folder, Entry and Tools are hidden. Due to the limited functions, the beginner mode is particularly suitable for users who only want to work with the program's basic features or want to get familiar with the software in the first place.



The Expert mode

With the Expert mode, you have access to all Password Depot features, including the export of databases or encryption of external files. Compared to the Beginner mode the Expert mode inlcudes many additional features and options. Thus, the Expert mode is primarily intended for users who already know Password Depot very well and want to use all available features.



The Custom mode

With the Custom mode, you can decide yourself which Password Depot features you would like to work with and which ones are not important to you. However, you can only deactivate those features which are not needed by Password Depot for regular operation. By selecting only those features which seem to be important to you, the Custom mode is suitable for users who know exactly which features they need.

Go to View > Mode > Edit Custom and you will see the Available Commands area containing all features that can be activated or deactivated. If you remove a checkmark, this function will no longer be displayed in the Custom Mode and vice versa.


Click OK when you have made all the changes you want.


Note: The freeware version only includes the beginner mode as soon as the 30 days trial period has expired. In order to switch to the Expert mode containing additional features and configuration options, Password Depot has to be unlocked. Therefore, if you want to purchase a license, please click here.


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