Error Message: Socket Error 10061 Connection Refused


When trying to log on to the Enterprise Server with Password Depot (Client), you receive the error message "Socket Error # 10061 - Connection Refused".

If the connection is rejected, this generally means that there is no such connection on the port or it is not detected.

This can have different reasons:

  • Service is not running: Make sure that the server's service is running.
  • Firewall: Make sure that your firewall, both on the client and server PC, explicitly releases the client and server program files as well as the IP and port number. 
  • Wrong port: Make sure that you are using the correct port and that it is enabled in the firewall. By default, all major versions of the server use a different port number.
  • Incorrect SSL settings: Make sure that you use the same SSL settings on both the client and the server.
  • DNS errors: You can usually avoid DNS errors by specifying an IP address instead of a server name when you connect to the server.
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