Error Message: Socket Error 10061 Connection Refused

During log on to the Enterprise Server using the Password Depot client, you receive the error message "Socket Error #10061 - Connection Refused".

If the connection is rejected, this generally has something to do with the fact that there is no such connection on the port or the connection cannot be detected.


This can have different reasons:

  • The service is not running: Please make sure that the server service is running properly (you can check that in the Windows services dialog window, the server service is called Password Depot Enterprise Server).
  • Firewall: Please make sure that your firewall, both on the client and server computer, explicitly shares the client and server program files as well as the IP address and port number. 
  • Wrong port: Please make sure that you are using the correct port number and that it is enabled in the firewall (for both inbound and outbound connections,TCP and UDP protocols). By default, all major versions of the Enterprise Server use a different port number.
  • Wrong SSL settings: Please make sure to use the same SSL settings on both the client and server. For more information about using a SSL certificate on the server and the according connections, please click here.
  • DNS errors: Usually, when connecting to the server, you can avoid DNS errors by using the server's IP address instead of a server name.
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