Can I use Password Depot on a USB drive?


Yes, Password Depot can be used on a USB drive. You can either store your databases on a USB drive or install Password Depot itself on your USB drive. This allows you to run the program on any computer with a Windows operating system without re-installing it.

Hint: Do not install Password Depot using the installation setup on the USB drive. Please use the USB installation feature only as described below. 


USB installation procedure:

1. Start Password Depot on your computer.

2. Click Tools -> USB Installation.

3. Follow the wizard's instructions.

Hint: If you run Password Depot on a USB drive and want to use the browser add-on for auto complete of your data on websites you have to install the add-ons in the browser on the corresponding computer.

You can install these any time later using the following URLs: Firefox, Chrome or, Microsoft Edge.

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