Where does Password Depot store databases when I use Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Box?


If you store your databases to a cloud service, Password Depot uses paths as follows:

Dropbox: \Apps\Password Depot\
Google Drive: \Password Depot\
OneDrive: \Files\Documents\Password Depot
Box: \Password Depot\
HiDrive: \Password Depot\

We strongly recommend NOT to create these paths manually.

Instead, log in to the corresponding cloud service with Password Depot and let the program create the path itself if it does not already exist (you can do so by creating a new empty database for testing purposes).

This is especially important regarding Google Drive, as it is possible here to create several folders with the same name, which were created by different users using different versions. After having created the directory with Password Depot, you can upload your existing password databases using Windows Explorer or your browser.

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