Why does the Enterprise Server cause 100% of CPU usage?

Update January 2023: This problem has been fixed as of version 17. If you are using an older version, please try the following solutions or update to version 17.

Currently, this problem mainly occurs when running the Enterprise Server while a client (e.g. Android) of an older version is trying to connect to the server.

Therefore, please make sure that ALL clients use the same version as your server. In general, we recommend always using the latest build for the server & client of one major version and always updating them to the latest version simultaneously. 

If this does not solve your problem, please check one of the other following possible sources of error:


1) Journal

Please check the system events in the Journal Viewer: Control Panel -> All Control Panel Elements -> Administrative Tools -> Event Display -> Password Depot Server.

Has Password Depot reported any problems here?


2) Duration

How long can you observe the increased CPU usage? Normally, Password Depot Enterprise Server creates a backup and performs validation of all databases after startup, which consumes quite a lot of CPU resources and can take some time depending on the total size of the databases.


3) Backup

Please also make sure that the server backups are stored to the local system and not to a network share.


4) Migration

If you migrated your Password Depot Server just recently, please ensure that all databases have been converted correctly. For more information, please have a look at our instructions on how to migrate the Enterprise Server to version 16.


5) Certificate

Do you use an SSL certificate that might be incorrect and therefore causes these problems? Or have you set the certificate in the server (Server Manager) but forgotten to activate the correct settings in the client (Edit -> Options -> Network -> SSL/TLS Settings)?


6) Optimization

Please consider cleaning and optimizing the databases once. This is especially useful if they have been upgraded from very old versions. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this here:

Optimizing databases for a better performance on the Enterprise Server


7) Client settings

Please try to reset the client settings by deleting or renaming the file pwdepot.cfg (the client's local config file) by going to Help -> Settings directory.


8) AD Synchronization

Open the Server Manager and go to Manage -> Server settings -> Active Directory. Please check the option "Automatically run synchronization with AD every x minutes". If this option is activated, we recommend entering a high value, e.g. "1140".

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