How do I distribute a customized configuration file to the users?

Warning: This article is outdated and only valid up to and including version 14.0.4. If you are using version 14.0.5 or higher, please read the new article.

If you want to deliver Password Depot to the users in your team, you have the possibility to adjust the default values for the program options. To do this, start Password Depot (Client) and set the options as you want them to be passed on to the users. Then, quit the program and open the Windows Explorer.

Go to the directory

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\AceBIT\Password Depot 14


Here, you will find the file pwdepot.cfg, which contains the program options that you have just set in the program. You can open and edit this file with a text editor. This is an XML file and the identifiers should usually be self-explanatory. You can now optionally delete entries that you do not want to pass on.

To pass on the customized cfg file to the users, it must be located in the client's program directory together with the PasswordDepot.exe. This is by default:

C:\Program Files\AceBIT\Password Depot 14


At the first program start, Password Depot adopts the options from this cfg file instead of the factory-set options.

Example of an individual configuration file in which you want to specify a server for your users:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Login>Heinz Mustermann</Login>

Note: If you want to make further adjustments for the behavior of the client, you can use the Client Security Policies in the Server Manager from version 11 onwards. However, in order to correctly apply the Client Security Policies, it is required to install and use the Corporate Client.

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